The Pareo Towel

Gatinha Beachwear is a family owned business from Byron Bay.

We create products that reflect the beach culture in which we live and breathe everyday.

Our Pareo Towel is the ultimate all purpose towel to use for the beach, yoga, travel, surf - whatever your adventure!

We're travellers, seekers, creatives and explorers and we invite you to join us on our journey ...

Whats your Adventure?

Our Story

A family business inspired by the exotic wonders of the world. 

On one of our adventures walking the Cinque Terre in Italy we ended up on an exquisite beach where we were inspired to create the perfect pareo towel. 

Today each towel is made with the finest printed cotton on side, with towelling backing, making it versatile, light weight and fast drying whilst staying aesthetically beautiful & unique in each design. 

We celebrate diversity and cultural exchange which translates in our mixing the textiles. Our creative process includes some of the oldest techniques such as hand looming and stamp printing and we pride ourselves on ethical production. 

Follow us to join us on our next adventure!